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Drain Mapping London


drain mapping London

What is drain mapping?

Drain mapping creates a map of the layout of a sewer or drainage system of a specific area or property.


Why use drain mapping ?

Drain mapping is a used for both our private and commercial clients to gain information about the condition of the drainage system, and to establish where boundaries lie. This means they can discover who’s responsible for the sewage, drains & pipes ahead of starting building work.


Drain mapping is sometimes required by a property surveyor, as part of a drain survey, when buying a home and applying for a mortgage. Knowing how a drainage system is laid out can make finding faults easier, and repair work more effective.


Drain mapping techniques

Water Flushing

Running a tap or pouring water down the drain or even flushing a toilet can be easily used to see where water is flowing nearby and how drain pipes are connected.

As an advanced and more accurate method, a non-stain dye can be added to the water to identify its flow.

Testing the Water

By analysing of the type of water passing through the system eg if it’s sewage, waste or clearer looking water can help establish where the water originates from.

Dye Testing

Similar to ‘water flow tracing’ above, but a more comprehensive procedure as different water flows can be analysed by using different coloured dyes to colour the water thus making it easy to follow its flow.


For getting the most accurate drain mapping information a special CCTV camera is pushed through the drains recording video footage and images pictures. High quality footage will show faults in the drainage system which can be recorded and provided as a conclusive report.


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Drain Services in London

We provide a wide range of drainage services in London, including, but not limited to:

  • Burst pipes.
  • Leaking pipes.
  • Blocked toilets and sinks.
  • Cold water storage tanks.
  • Feed and expansion tanks.
  • Domestic and commercial drain clearance.
  • CCTV drain surveys
  • Drain re-lining
  • Drain installations
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Overhaul of siphons, cisterns, ball cocks, ball-o-fix, and gate valves.
  • Domestic and commercial drain clearance.

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Affordable Drain Repairs

J Snow Drainage London always seek to offer an affordable drains service. We understand that drainage issues aren’t something that are usually planned for within most budgets. We also offer a special 10% discount for senior members of the community, as well as clients with disabilities.

Our Company Guarantee

We offer more than a ‘quick fix’ for a drain repair, so all of our work comes with a guarantee that lasts a decade. We also have full public liability insurance of up to £5 million. All of this is to offer you the peace of mind that we provide the very best drain services.


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