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CCTV Drain Surveys London


CCTV Drain Survey London from £140 + VAT

CCTV Drain Surveys London J Snow Drainage London provide CCTV drain surveys in London at affordable rates, 7 days a week. A professsional CCTV drain survey can give you a reliable and documented analysis of your drainage system, and identify any problems. In the past you would need a large scale excavation of your drainage system to find this information, but with advanced CCTV cameras, it can be done quickly, efficiently and without any disruption.


Drain Surveys in London

By using sophisticated CCTV camera equipment we can quickly inspect the drains system & identify any issues. It could be a suspected broken or collapsed pipe, or perhaps you need to help trace an old drain to add a new one. Whatever the situation a drain survey can usually provide the answer. It can also be used to help find damp, or to investigate drainage problems in home buyer surveys. You have to remember that 70% of the drainage system in London is over 100 years old.


Our drain surveyors push the CCTV camera down to inspect the drain, either via a manhole or a rodding access point. All of our CCTV cameras are self-levelled, and they show in full colour with an automatic on screen meter reading display.


Once the CCTV drainage survey is complete, we aim to produce the written report within 2 to 4 working days unless agreed otherwise. Upon request, we can send the written drains report within 24 hours at an additional cost. Normally this service is requested with homebuyer drainage surveys to speed up exchanging contracts etc. The CCTV footage can be sent via Dropbox link online, or by DVD through the post.


CCTV Drain Survey London

CCTV Drain Survey Prices

How much does a CCTV Drain Survey Cost?

Option 1: From £140.00 plus VAT for a basic look & see survey, i.e. no report / site plan or CCTV footage.

Option 2: From £250.00 plus VAT, a CCTV survey which comes with a detailed written report & CCTV footage


Drain Survey Reports

What do drain surveys examine?

Your drain survey report will cover:

Drain dimensions, chamber depth, direction of flow, use of pipework, pipe materials and structural condition.

The report will include a detailed site plan, and still images of any major defects with a dropbox link of the CCTV survey footage with relevant recommendations and costs to rectify any faults found.


Homebuyer drain surveys in London

How much is a homebuyer drain survey?

We provide homebuyer drain surveys starting from £ 220 + VAT. If you require a homebuyer drain survey or a CCTV drain survey, in London contact us by email, or give us a call on 0800 335 7113 or 0207 125 0295.


Download A Sample Drain Survey

Drain Surveys London

Thinking of buying a property ? A pre-purchase CCTV drain survey could save you a small fortune.

At J Snow Drainage London, we understand that one of the biggest commitments you could ever make involves the decision to buy your own home. The process is simple enough, in the end a surveyor decides that the property is fit for habitation. What the surveyor doesn’t tell you is that they have a disclaimer that directly involves your potential new drainage system, because they can’t survey what they can’t see.


This means that you could take a risk with the potential drainage system of the property, or you could use a CCTV drain survey to your advantage. A professional drains inspection can save yourself both money and as the last thing you want is to move into a property only to find out you have a series of collapsed pipes just a few months later. So we highly recommend having your drains professionally surveyed by our CCTV engineers before you proceed with the purchase.


Drainage Surveys – A Ratty Issue

Drain Survey LondonIt’s common knowledge there’s a high population of rats living near drainage sewers in London. The very thought of a rat entering your property is enough to scare most people, and if you notice anything of that nature you should contact us immediately. The quicker a problem like this is dealt with, the better. Rats frequently use damaged, or redundant drainage systems to enter properties.


Using a CCTV drain survey we can investigate your drainage system in great detail. This allows us to see any single point of entry that a rat could potentially use. Rats can fit through the tiniest of gaps, so it takes a highly skilled engineer to spot the problem quickly, and deal with it efficiently. One of the most common causes of rat infestation in London involves drains that are redundant, and simply haven’t been completely capped off.


There are plenty of solutions that we can offer you if we do find that your rat infestation is caused by your drainage system, so please don’t worry. Using our contact page and we’ll get back to you within the hour.

A CCTV inspection mapping your drainage system and its history:

Most buildings’ drain systems don’t have plans that are readily available as and when you need them. This is because most of the information would now be outdated or inaccurate. As additions to drainage systems are made over time, no notes are made. So, if you decide you want to add additional features to your drainage system, you may not know what features are already there!


Using our professional CCTV drain surveying techniques, we can create an accurate, up to date plan of all of the internal and external pipework that your system contains. We can also offer you impartial advice, or services that you may require.

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Affordable Drain Repairs

J Snow Drainage London always seek to offer an affordable drains service. We understand that drainage issues aren’t something that are usually planned for within most budgets. We also offer a special 10% discount for senior members of the community, as well as clients with disabilities.

Our Company Guarantee

We know you don’t just want a ‘quick fix’ for a drain repair, so all of our work comes with a guarantee that lasts a decade. We also have full public liability insurance of up to £5 million. All of this is to offer you, as our customer, the peace of mind that we provide the very best drain services.

J Snow Drainage London

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