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  • What we do:

    We aim to provide our customers with the best service possible and the best price in London. We are fully equipped, and fully trained to quickly rescue your home, or your business from blocked, overflowing, or just simply broken drains that you’re currently battling with.


    Don’t let your household routine falter, or your business operations be compromised by slow drainage issues when J Snow Drainage is just a phone call away. We provide a 24-hour unblocking and drainage repair service, so you don’t have to wait around or worry. No matter where you are in London, we aim to get there as quickly as possible.
    So help us to help you, we guarantee to respond to all emergency queries within the hour or two. So why wait?


    Modern Drain Unblocking Technology:

    Here at J Snow Drainage we have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to actively deal with any kind of drainage issue that you may currently be experiencing. We cover everything from pipe damage caused by the roots of a tree to hair blockages – and everything that may occur between the two. This is why we should be your number one company in drain unblocking solutions.
    Drain blockages are always an inconvenience, we know. They are often caused by broken pipes, hair, a build-up of lime scale, or even soap debris. No matter what the cause is, it can often be a nightmare to try deal with on your own, which is why we’re here. We strive to have all your repairs and replacements completed in the fastest time frame possible.


    Our High-Pressure Water Jetting Machines:

    Here at J Snow Drainage we use a technique that involves high-pressure water jetting. This is our main method to tackle and clear the blocked main drains, toilet drains, bath drains, and even sewers, as well as a variety of other drainage systems. It’s the most effective treatment method that we and other drainage companies use to get the job complete.
    We also utilise CCTV drain surveying. These are perfect because they allow our drain engineers to determine the exact location of the problem. This lets them figure out the most effective way of removing the problem – without causing any further damage to the pipes.


    We believe in doing absolutely everything that we can to restore your current drainage system. We do this by using the most advanced drainage technology available to us. This allows us to save you a mixture of both time and money that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary drain replacements. But, we are also an ethical company. If our drain engineers believe that your system is unfixable then we can provide you with impartial advice on the best route to take.


    Best Rates in London:

    We believe in providing you with the best emergency drain clearance and drainage repair fees possible. We understand that drainage issues are almost never planned for, and they can prove to be costly – so we aim to beat our competition by providing you with our reliable services and our affordable prices. J Snow Drainage can offer unbeatable prices when compared to our London competitors.

    Our Services:

    • All blockages are solved, and guaranteed.
    • Both internal and external W.C. soil pipe work.
    • Cast iron and PVC rainwater down pipes.
    • Cost effective solutions.
    • Kitchen sinks and basins, as well as baths and showers.
    • Waste disposal units, macerators, and grease traps.
    • Manholes, interceptors, and gullies.
    • Lining.
    • CCTV drain surveys.
    • Sump pumps and tankers.
    • Excavations and rebuilds.

    Our Drain Services Include:

    • Both Domestic and Commercial drain clearance.
    • CCTV drain surveys.
    • Drain re-lining.
    • Patch lining.
    • Drain repairs.
    • Drain installations.
    • Drain descaling.
    • Sump pumps.
    • As well as a variety of general plumbing services.

    Operating Areas:

    • North London
    • West London
    • East London
    • South West London

    Blocked Drains – Drain CCTV Surveys – Drain Service London
    Caring for customer’s drains and pockets!
    Call us today on: 0800 335 7113 or 0207 125 0295

  • No Hidden Rates & No Extra Charges Policy

    As a business we have always sought to offer an affordable drainage service in London. We understand that drainage issues aren’t something that are usually planned for within most budgets. We also offer a special 10% discount for senior members of the community, as well as clients with disabilities.

    J Snow Drainage London - Our Guarantee

    We understand that you don’t just want a ‘quick fix’ to your drainage worries, so all of our work comes with a guarantee that lasts a decade. We also have full public liability insurance of up to £5 million. All of this is to offer you, as our customer, the peace of mind that we provide the best drain services in London.

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